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Projection test for the Names memorial, the room is still empty now. Our Colonial Inheritance

24.05.2022 at 15:17 by Wendy Snoek

Growing steel structures. Growth, what is that?

05.04.2022 at 14:00 by Lucandrea Baraldi


The ideal spot for the Herron. The Voice of Urban Nature

21.03.2022 at 10:33 by Herman Kossmann


Artist Celia Smith installing here birds warm sculpture. Groote Museum

23.02.2022 at 17:02 by Michel de Vaan

Slowly towards the opening on the 8th of February! Our Land

01.02.2022 at 17:34 by Remco Swart

Together with photographer Sander van den Bosch, we are measuring and photographing all floors of the palace. Visitors will soon be walking on 'invisible' carpets, in order to experience the original atmosphere of the rooms as fully as possible. Paleis Het Loo

26.01.2022 at 12:54 by Robin Schijfs


Carefully lifting a python snake skeleton. Groote Museum

24.01.2022 at 14:13 by Michel de Vaan

After all those days at home behind a screen, it is very nice to finally do some hands-on experimenting with projections and different layers of transparent fabrics... Nature

07.12.2021 at 17:33 by Pauline Fer

Work in progress for Museum Sophiahof. In progress…

02.12.2021 at 17:28 by Remco Swart


Work in progress for a children's tour Work in Progress

25.11.2021 at 09:35 by Annika Jacobs


Barefoot in an exhibition? Together with the Stapferhaus, we are looking at what this means for the perception of the visitors... Nature

24.11.2021 at 18:23 by Robin Schijfs

With a few kickoff days (and nights) in the mountains of Switzerland, we have firmly started the draft design for the new Nature exhibition at the Stapferhaus! Nature

30.09.2021 at 11:09 by Robin Schijfs


Cleaning out tree routs before they will be lifted to the ceiling Groote Museum

25.09.2021 at 12:29 by Michel de Vaan

Milling earth elevation minus water from a special foam. Here we show how little drinking water there actually is on earth. Groote Museum

30.06.2021 at 12:04 by Michel de Vaan


Super exiting moment discovering the panels of the « 4 visions on the Anthropocene » box we made for the Vienna Biennal 2021! Work in Progress

12.05.2021 at 12:00 by Lea Chenot


A big empty space, right before installing all exhibits at WeTheCurious! Project What If

01.02.2021 at 12:19 by Ina Meininghaus


Safety vs. functionality: looking for the best headphones to use in a factory Expedition HVC

07.01.2021 at 17:39 by Roel Bolhuis


The new temporary exhibition in House of European History is 'under construction' Fake (f)or Real

07.01.2021 at 17:32 by Tsur Reshef

On view


Growth, what is that?

Malmö Museum, Malmö (SE)

Growth is something we all strive for. But is what we call growth actually growth? The “market” acts as an authority and point of reference in our lives. It has taken hostage of our common idea of growth. To endure the pain, we collectively embark on a quest of “fixing the problem”, using the same approach that got us into this mess in the first place. We anxiously mend and maintain this idea of growth by adding prefixes: sustainable, equal, social, green, etc. Like a fairy tale no one believes in anymore but still needs to pursue. Complex, deeply intermeshed global issues are eroding our hard-wired societal systems. This calls for another line of reasoning.

Malmö (SE)
Self-commissioned in partnership with Morphosis
180 m2
Concept, spatial design, graphic design, promotion, project management, installation
Lucandrea Baraldi (lead), Femke Bijlsma, Robert van der Linde, Iris van der Wal, Sietske Sips, Daan Wubben
Exhibition idea
Petra Trobäck and Lina Fogelberg (Morphosis)
Audio production
Morphosis, Kossmanndejong, Elin Karlmark
Light design
Heinz Loopstra Light Design
Camiel Jansen
Lending material
BE Group, Fridhems Cykelaffär, Ingvar
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Labyrinthine mesh

Growth, what is that? is an exhibition that examines growth’s fundamental premise. In the exhibition, a series of spatial installations made from rebar form an entangled labyrinthine mesh. Each installation explores a different theme and a question that relates to growth. One, for instance, features a myriad of magnifying glasses, encouraging you to question your perspective. From which angle are you looking at growth? Another installation initially appears to be a giant, beckoning cat but is made up of hundreds of golden beckoning cats. All their little paws move frantically to lure in more fortune. This begs the question: When is it enough? There is a phone number next to each installation. When you call it with your phone, you hear Malmö’s residents reflecting on their perspectives on growth.

Look between the lines

We customised the light design and soundscape for each specific theme. They contribute to an atmosphere of wonder and imagination. The experience is an invitation to imagine other ways of looking at growth that are beneficial to the well-being of humans and non-humans. The answers we search for are not to be found in nations, religions or institutions, nor in politics, economics or ecology. Instead, the answers are to be found in the relationships between them. The installations express the rich potential of these “in-between” states of relations and connections.

Materials passing through

We borrowed most materials from local companies and will return them after the exhibition is over. For these materials, the exhibition is just one stop in their lifecycle. This approach urged us to work with unusual suspects both in terms of materials and collaborations. For example, we borrowed the rebar from a local construction company. Apart from its use as reinforcement material in the building industry, the rebar symbolises a system based on the linear growth paradigm. This installation can arise anew anywhere with local materials. It shows us how much already exists that we can use, without the need to produce anything new at a financial and ecological cost.

How can we contribute?

Petra Trobeck and Lina Fogelberg (Morphosis) approached Kossmanndejong with their idea for an exhibition on growth. There was no collection or content. They had a space at the Malmö Museum, a critical attitude towards growth as a linear concept and a sense of urgency to change that. Kossmanndejong eagerly accepted and, together, we ventured on a challenging journey. In this partnership, we explore growth as a topic, how to translate it into a physical experience and how to make it relevant for the exhibition’s specific location. The exhibition reflects its context by directly involving local people in the exploration of the question of growth. Growth, what is that? is a flexible format that can be adopted by and adapted to every context, sparking new conversations and insights. As designers, we see it as our responsibility to create spaces for reflection that contribute to a healthy and equitable future. With this exhibition, Kossmanndejong and Morphosis hope to connect with many more people, communities, companies and institutions around the question of growth. Let’s grow this conversation together!